What is the best web browser to have on your laptop? What is the best web browser to match your Windows 10? And what is the most universal browser for any system?

These questions disturb a lot of users. When it comes to choosing a good operating system, all of us have personal preferences and goals. But in terms of web browsers, most of us do not see significant differences between all existed ones. Though, the differences are. Today, we’re going to compare safari for windows 10 latest download files with other systems, pointing out why Safari may be the best choice for your computer.

So, let’s get started.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Safari Web Browser

While Google Chrome is considered to be by far the most used and popular web browser, for now, that doesn’t mean it works the best or has the best set of features. The same situation is with the Firefox. Though it is a pretty solid browser. But what about Safari?

Initially, Safari was created by Apple team for Apple products only. This automatically means that it definitely works perfectly with Mac systems. And replacing it on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is not a good idea. But what about Windows users? Does Safari work with Windows 10 as well as with any of the Mac systems?

After a couple of speed tests, customers claim that Safari and Google Chrome has wonderful results, beating all other systems. The same way is with downloading speed. So, it doesn’t depend whether Safari is on Mac or Windows, the performance speed is pretty good in both situations. In some cases, it is even better and the complete winner in speed testing.

Safari is definitely better in terms of connectivity when you want to share some information from the browser directly on your social media accounts. It offers immediate connectivity to social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc. The range of social media where you can share the data can be changed by the user. So, the variety of options here is pretty good. In terms of sharing, Safari wins too.

And the last but not the least is appearance. Of course, everyone has his/her own preferences and tastes but, in general, Safari design is very simple and sleek. There is no anything more than you need in your browser. It is very smooth and customizable. The only significant disadvantage of Safari is that the updates occur quite rarely.

So, to install Safari on Windows 10 or not?


  • User-friendly interface;
  • Absolutely compatible with Windows system;
  • Understandable navigation;
  • Short downloading time;
  • Customizable window.


  • Rare updates.

To sum up everything mentioned above, we recommend trying to install Safari on your Windows at least to know how to use your browser a little bit better and get a few new tricks, that you’ve never picked up with other browsers. By the way, it is very easy to download for free, so it won’t cost you a thing to install it on your device.