BackBaller – An Essential Tool to Train and Recover Your Muscles Faster | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re an athlete, you know just how important it is to stretch, roll out and relax your muscles before you work out.

Rolling & Stretching readies your muscles to train & recover faster. Hence the foam roller has become an essential tool for every serious athlete or indeed everyone seeking greater flexibility & freedom of movement. And foam rolling has just got better with the revolutionary new BackBaller.

The BackBaller is designed to treat the muscles in your upper and lower back – entirely on your own. All you do is lay your back on the two rollers and gently roll back and forth for two minutes at a time. It’s that easy. And if you follow their 20-minute program you can use it to knead deep into every major muscle group in your body, including your glutes hamstrings quads & calves.

To learn how to get the complete body release, head over to where you’ll see many more great pictures and videos.

The BackBaller is already used by many of the most famous sports people & teams in the world, including Roger Federer, Manchester City, and the Dallas Cowboys.

If you too would like to relax your muscles and feel that release from aches and pain, get one today from