Zoe – Helping Your Manage Your Long-Term and Short Term Finances | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Managing your short-term and long-term finances can be a daunting task.

So, many of us find an expert for guidance. Unfortunately, most of the time we seek an expert, we end up with a salesperson trying to sell financial products, rather than a true financial adviser.

Zoe helps you make informed financial decisions by matching you with vetted unbiased independent financial advisers based on your specific needs. Deciding who to trust to guide you through your financial future has significant consequences.

Luckily, Zoe spends thousands of hours ensuring the advisors in their network are not only true fiduciaries but that they are the top experts in the field focused on helping you achieve your specific goals. Zoe’s exclusive network of advisors, its sophisticated matching algorithm, and the ability to communicate directly in real time with the expert via a secure mobile app makes the platform truly unique.

Zoe is free to the consumer and it only receives a fee from the advisor if the client decides to them.

With Zoe, you can answer a few questions about your current situation, get matched with your ideal advisor, and start chatting with them right away through your mobile. Learn more by heading to zoefin.com today.