Powermat – Unlocking Full Potential of Wireless Charging | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We all love the idea of wireless charging, but it’s a luxury to find this technology anywhere outside of the home. Well, a company called Powermat is unlocking the full potential of wireless charging, eliminating the barriers closely associated with it. One of their industry-leading products is the Charging Spot 4.0 that’s bringing it to fruition.

Powermat has a way of changing the way we consume power.  We don’t want to be troubled by the fact that our devices are running out of battery.  We want to be able to go on with our daily life.

Powermat has solved this problem by providing infrastructure for wireless charging all over the places we go in life.

So, you install the device below the surface, on the top side you just put a sticker that shows you where to place your device on. You just plop your phone on top of it and it charges. The technology is compatible with everything that exists today in the market.  There are different standards for technology. You have chi, you have bna, Samsung’s fast charge, apple 7.5, and all of them work with this platform.

This platform is software updatable remotely, so we are future proof so if there are any new developments in this industry, they’ll be able to update them with this platform and they’ll even be able to support laptops and tablets.

Learn more by heading to powermat.com.