Smart Cube Smart Lock – Bluetooth Enabled, Wireless Locking System | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

When we think of IoT devices, we typically think of adding technology to “things” that we already have in the home and making them “smart”.

Well, a company named Smart Armor wanted to take it a step further by creating a completely unique category in the connected home market space. Smart Cube is a Bluetooth enabled, retrofittable wireless locking system that easily mounts to any flat surface, making your cabinet, door or drawer secure. But the Smart Cube works much easier than any other lock you’re familiar with.

If you want to open a locked drawer, the Smart Cube will sense you’re near and automatically unlock, then relock when you leave. There’s an app that works in conjunction with the device, so you’re able to access the lock by pin code and share or revoke access to specific people, at specific times for specific locks.

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, say you want your teenage son to access the cleaning supplies but not the liquor cabinet, you can do just that. If you haven’t already figured it out, the Smart Cube has endless possibilities to keep your belongings safe. Think Airbnb rentals, medications, personal valuables, business docs, and so much more.

So, if you’d like the sense of security knowing your personal valuables are safe and protected, you can head to today.