ROLLOGO – Designer Luggage Fused with Technology | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re one of those who travel frequently or even someone who only hits the skies a couple times a year, this next one is for you.

ROLLOGO is the only brand that provides designer luggage fused with technology. Their premiere suitcase, the ESCAPE, is a perfect blend of style and efficient technology.

This rugged yet slick piece of patented luggage comes equipped with electric generating spinner wheels. At only a walking speed, it can provide power on par with a 1A wall adapter.

The detachable smart power bank stores the electricity generated by the wheels, allowing you to then power up your devices. The power bank is equipped with Bluetooth and the accompanying Rollogo app can trace the ESCAPE’s location ensuring it’s never stolen or lost.

The water-repellent fabric makes this a robust choice for your belongings, especially your electronic devices. There’s even a unique top compartment designed specifically to hold all your onboard essentials.

Additional features include an innovative suit compartment, easy-access magazine or book compartment, a laptop compartment and a flat top workstation.

The ESCAPE is truly perfect for the casual and business traveler alike.

To purchase this one-of-a-kind luggage, go to today.