Probably not, right? To say that NBA merchandise is affordable would definitely be coupled with a Pinocchio-like nose, as even a replica Steph Curry jersey (currently the highest selling jersey as of December 2017) will set you back $110 from the official store. Sure, you can get the charcoal and certainly less pretty alternate ‘The Town’ jersey for $70, but who really wants that? The point is that anything plastered with an NBA or team logo is going to be pricey (funnily enough, the cheapest thing right now is probably a Warriors-themed fidget spinner), so it remains insulting how Tissot could brand a line of expensive Quickster models as NBA-themed, when that notion is an absolute stretch.

Tissot, the official timekeeper of the National Basketball Association, introduced some new scoreboard technology and video equipment to the venues, but the Swiss brand still has some ways to go with regards to making an NBA-themed watch that is actually visible as one. Tissot first released a Cleveland Cavaliers Quickster watch (strangely just after they lost in the 2017 finals – good runner-up prize?) which looks decent enough for a mechanical watch, but what are you paying $395 for if you’re a Cavs fan? A strap in the team’s colors: maroon, yellow and blue, in this case. Oh, and the team’s logo etched onto the back of the watch, as we all know that’s the one part that people love about a timepiece. You’ll also get a very colorful baseball cap thrown into the deal, which absolutely smells like a last-minute “let’s make this watch more sporty” idea.

Of course, there are other teams in the league who get their own custom Quickster watch, and some of the color combinations are fine, like the Clippers’ white and red, but others are simply an abomination of watchmaking. The Suns’ orange, grey, and black is an eyesore, but then, we don’t know why someone is wearing Phoenix merchandise with pride anyway, so this might not be a huge problem in the long run. They can switch to March Madness at any point, so NBA fans deserve better than this. They put up with Hack-A-Shaq, multiple lockouts, the never-ending tanking issue and even Elfrid Payton’s hair (another knock on Phoenix), but is it so hard to create a basketball watch that looks good, displays team pride, and sets it apart from literally any other wristwatch out there in the world with some personality and distinctiveness?

Tissot creates gorgeous watches, that can’t be denied, but we simply expect a better wristwatch if you’re an NBA fan who is also a horologist (bound to be a few). Let some players collaborate (fans would pay a lot for a watch created by Russell Westbrook), use customized team logos, have it shout announcer Mike Breen’s “Bang!” at every hour… just do more than what you’ve done, Tissot. Funnily enough, several of these Quickster models have appeared on a second-hand site – proof that even those who bought the watch aren’t a fan anymore. Admittedly, Tissot’s Chrono XL models are black, sleek, and feature the team’s traditional logo on the watch face, but these are only strangely available for the Cavs, Warriors, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, and Knicks (something to cheer for if you’re a fan of the last three teams).

What’s more, Tissot’s only current brand ambassador is aging and broken future Hall of Famer and Spurs legend Tony Parker. Nothing against Mr. Parker, but if you’re a company wanting to connect with a younger, fashion-conscious fan base, then best try to get Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or Jimmy Butler on board. The significant lack of big brand names and NBA-themed models which don’t inspire much – if any – excitement to basketball fans is worrying, but for a company that’s been around since 1853, you’d hope they can work something out in the future.

Show fans that you care and they will care back. The clock is ticking, Tissot.