Foleum – Community-Based Blockchain Mining | NewsWatch Review

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Blockchain technology and GREEN technology are two things that look like they have little to do with each other, but there’s a movement looking to bring the two together and revolutionize the world in the process.

Foleum is a community-based blockchain mining project designed to generate its power using GREEN hybrid technologies.

In other words, they intend to use GREEN technology in blockchain mining.

They are committed to supporting the growth and operation of decentralized blockchain networks in the most environmentally friendly way possible while staying on the cutting edge of both technologies.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains are flipping the world on its head, they are using a massive amount of energy to do so. This has a negative impact on the environment as they use traditional power sources.

The Foleum project creates the majority of its own GREEN power to run their mining data centers through sources like wind and solar.

Not only is this method reducing their carbon footprint on the planet, it’s also much more profitable as they only rely on their own energy production.

Anyone who holds Foleum mining crystals is automatically a member of the community and shares in the profits.

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