Holiday Swap – The Tinder of All Things Travel | NewsWatch Review


They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. But if you’re a traveler, you know that traveling can be a costly experience.

Well, nicknamed the “Travel Tinder” by Business Insider, Holiday Swap is looking to disrupt the travel industry by making world travel affordable.

We want to be able to travel more and travel cheaper and so if we can keep those costs down, it allows us to then be able to almost gain more time back and to be able to use that extra money in our pockets to be able to go and travel. Holiday Swap is disrupting the travel industry by making it more accessible to more of us, particularly millennials. Millennials – everyone wants more with less – millennials tend to save less money than traditionally people before from previous generations as they want to experience more of the world.

Technology has meant that the world is more accessible to us at the palm of our hands. And so with that, they’re trying to allow a sharing economy, using the bed that you sleep in at night to give you that accessibility to save more money in your pocket and spend it on things to do: flights, experiences, tours, and see the world rather than just spending it on a bed. So Holiday Swap is quite simple.

It works by basically putting your place up there – it can be just a room, it can be a house, it can be a penthouse, a villa – or as previously mentioned, a shared room in a place that you live at with your friends, maybe. And you can set your preferences. You can be as wild as you want and say your bags are always packed and go and swap with people and you essentially just swipe and you like places – you match up.

You can see who has liked you and you can begin to kind of build your community. When you’ve matched with people, you can chat with them and you can see if you want to swap with them on any dates or if you want to be hosted by them. And so it kind of allows you to go on and say, “You know what, I’ve got these people I’ve matched within France here and India there, for example. And I’ve got some vacation time. Hey, fancy swapping with me on these dates?”

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