Swann – Indoor and Outdoor Wire-Free Smart Security Cameras | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

If you own or rent a home and want to have peace of mind while also protecting your loved ones, you need to invest in a home security system. And our recommendation is Swann’s latest the indoor and outdoor security cameras.

These cameras are easy to install, they connect to power outlets and they transmit video and audio wirelessly – using Wi-Fi – both indoors and outdoors. There’s also the one hundred percent Wire-Free Smart Security Camera that runs off rechargeable battery power.

The cameras can also connect to your Amazon powered devices and so you can use Alexa to control them with your voice. And the video streams in full HD 1080p and records clips to local memory and the secure cloud – both during the day and at night with their night vision. And if you want to have true peace of mind, you can enable the True Detect thermal sensing that alerts you when the camera detects the heat of moving objects.

But what if you’re not home when someone triggers the camera?  Well, the cameras run on the Safe by Swann app for iOS and Android devices, so you can see exactly what the camera sees from anywhere in the world.

So make sure to secure your home by picking up the newest indoor and outdoor cameras from Swann.