The Beard Club – Treat Your Beard Right | NewsWatch Review

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You’ve probably already noticed it, but more men are ditching the razor and growing out their beards making beard care one of the fastest growing segments in the men’s grooming market.

The Beard Club has been a driving force behind this movement. They launched in 2015 and are best known for their memorable videos which include cameos from the likes of NHL’s Brent Burns, King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian, and NFL superstar Richard Sherman.

Many of their videos have gone viral amassing millions of views. Their beard-humor themed content has resulted in over 1 million followers across their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels. But they didn’t get to where they are by just producing viral videos.

The Beard Club’s products rival the quality of other premium brands and by cutting out the distributors and retailers, their prices are often less than a quarter of the price of their competition. They offer a solution for beards of all lengths. If you are just putting down the razor, take a look at their growth vitamins. If you are fighting beard itch or just want to smell great and soften up that beard, check out their cream and oils. Or, if you need help taming a wild mane check out their beard shampoo and balms.

They offer a 100% money back guarantee so whether you already have a beard or are considering growing one, you should check out their website by heading to

Their products are not available in stores but that hasn’t stopped over 500,000 men from joining the club.