ATOMOS Sumo19 – Record, Play, Monitor, & Edit All in One | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

If you’re in the video industry, you know the value of an external monitor and recorder. And no company in the industry makes a better all-in-one record, play, monitor and edit devices than Atomos.

The 19 inch LCD screen and 4k built-in recorder will automatically enhance any professional video workflow while allowing you to get true dynamic range from your cine camera in log or raw format. It’s truly a beast of a product. But it’s not just for video.

Need audio? The Sumo19 is all over it. You can monitor audio with a headset, input, and output audio from multiple xlr cables, and provide 48-volt Phantom power to compatible microphones.

You are also able to seamlessly connect any SDI or HDMI cable from your camera to monitor and record footage. Similar to all Atomos products, the sumo19 LCD touch screen is highly responsive, brightly lit, and perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.

Within the aluminum alloy chassis with built-in armor, you can not only record straight from the monitor to your SSD drive, but also access and adjust prime functions such as your gamma, gamut, focus, and many more for your own custom look!

No matter what you need in a monitor system, the Sumo19 would have you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Go to their website and check it out!