Sigue App – Secure Money Transfer Services | NewsWatch Review


Every day millions of people and businesses move money across borders and around the world.

Whether sending or receiving money, you want something that’s safe, fast, and – most importantly – secure. Since 1996, the Sigue [see-ge] Corporation family of companies has been dedicated to providing convenient and secure money transfer services.

Pioneering the concept of the red phone model for origination of transactions from independent retail locations, Sigue has since grown into one of the top five Money Transfer Businesses, serving millions of people worldwide.

The company has become a global force expanding to over 100 countries on 6 continents, with a network of hundreds of thousands of pay locations and offices strategically located around the world. And the company continues to innovate with the introduction of SiguePay.

SiguePay is a money transfer app that allows you to send funds quickly and easily right from your mobile phone. With just a few clicks, money is on its way to friends and loved ones. Sending money has never been easier and more secure.

You can download the SiguePay app in the Google Play or App Store for free today.