Dulles Technology Partners – A Specialty in Grant Management Software | NewsWatch Review

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With billions of dollars’ worth of grants given out each and every year, the administrative work that goes into keeping everything straight and accounted for can be quite a hassle. Dulles Technology Partners specializes in grant management software that alleviates this headache.

Their main product, WebGrants, is a robust grant management system that is used by every level of the U.S. Government, including federal, state, city, and local governments.

WebGrants manages the entire grant management workflow and the processing of billions of dollars in funding each year. By streamlining the administrative overhead, you leave time for equally important tasks like oversight and compliance management.

The idea here is for the WebGrants suite of products to fully replace any current system employed by a grant-issuing or receiving organization, whether it’s a government body, a charity, or a university.

Now, this grant management software is fully configurable according to your needs and specifications. It can do whatever you require to track all financial management transactions.

With 20 years of experience in federal and state grant programs, Dulles Technology Partners has created the premiere software to allow funds to more directly impact recipients by consolidating administrative overhead.

For more information on WebGrants, visit DullesTech.com today.