Oceanalpha – Traverse the Ocean in the Safest and Most Cost Effective Way | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

Oceanalpha was founded in 2010 and has fast become one of the leading UnmannedSurface Vessel companies in the world.

In their mission to bring us a deeper connection and more meaningful experience with the ocean, they’ve created over 25 different USVs that allow us to traverse the ocean in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible.

At CES 2019, we had the pleasure of seeing two of their incredible designs up close and personal. The lightweight Smart Jetboard FF 1 is perfect for swimming, snorkeling or surfing.

With the turn and speed shift buttons, you can whip through the waters with the kind of control a boogie board just can’t deliver. There’s even a base for you to position your GoPro camera so you can capture all the fun in beautiful HD.

Now Oceanalpha is not only in the business of having fun but also of saving lives. That’s where the Smart Lifebuoy Dolphin 1 comes in.

Perfect for any rescue involving traversing heavy water, the lightweight Dolphin 1 includes a remote control designed to be used with only one hand.

Guide the Lifebuoy to wherever someone’s in trouble. For more information on Oceanalpha’s USVs head over to Oceanalpha.com today.