TripLog App – Track Your Mileage and Integrate with Your Bank Account | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

If you use your personal car for business, you want to make sure you have all of your mileage info straight when tax season rolls around. But with how much you drive, tracking mileage can be difficult.

Well, it’s TripLog to the rescue. TripLog is a trusted mileage tracker app with over
1.5 million downloads.

This easy-to-use app allows small business owners, truckers, realtors, rideshare drivers, and sales reps to automatically track their mileage and integrate with their bank accounts to make sure they get the right tax deductions or accurate employee reimbursement. Users have their choice of six different ways to automatically track their miles.

These vary from full automatic tracking to connecting via car’s Bluetooth or linking directly to the car.

TripLog stays in tune with everything. It knows what car you’re driving, when you start, where you travel to, and much more. All of the information you need is neatly laid out in an IRS-compliant report that can be handed off to an accountant, uploaded to QuickBooks Online, or submitted for reimbursement.

You can download the TripLog app for free on iOS and Android devices to get started with a simple 30-day free trial.