Mytaptrack – Helping to Make Teachers and Special Needs Students’ Lives Easier | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When working with or raising children with special needs, it’s important to accurately track symptoms and behaviors. Unfortunately, when a child is at school it can be difficult for parents to make sure all information is being tracked.

That’s where mytaptrack steps in.

Mytaptrack is a click-touch button and online platform used to count the moments that shape special needs children.

To track symptoms and behaviors in real time, simply click once, twice, or hold the button to send a message through the cloud to the platform. A special needs child parents, teachers and doctors can all receive real-time notifications through the platform so nothing is ever missed.

Best of all, mytaptrack is FERPA compliant to ensure the safety of education data, and HIPAA compliant to ensure the safety of healthcare data. Mytaptrack is designed to make teachers’ lives easier by keeping them in the moment.

It also provides essential clues to help determine the next step in treatment for special needs children. When you can understand and effectively treat symptoms and behaviors, suddenly they become less of a barrier in the learning process, giving special needs children a better chance for success.

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