Ware2Go – Helping Merchants Get Their Products Closer to Customers | NewsWatch Review

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In a retail world driven by online sales and near-instant delivery, it’s vital that businesses are able to fulfill orders faster than the competition. But that takes a lot of logistics and often results in impossible-to-solve problems. Ware2Go is the solution.

Ware2Go is a turnkey nationwide fulfillment network designed to help merchants get their products closer to customers resulting in a fast, inexpensive, and reliable order delivery experience.

This intuitive cloud-based platform is scalable to businesses of any size.

One company effectively using this platform is PR Diamond, a Las Vegas diamond tool supply company.

With UPS’ new platform, Ware2Go, they have been able to set up a warehouse space in Pennsylvania as well as facilitate a speedy delivery. This makes it far easier to get products situated so they can get to their clients in a quick and efficient manner. The platform has been a great success and is looking to expand the platform to other areas.

They’ve integrated every step of the process including storage, packing, and shipping to make sure orders are delivered within 2 days. This is made possible through their model which gets your goods into optimized warehouses around the country.

Ware2Go is looking to partner with small, medium or business-to-business companies with their all-in-one, cloud-based solution. Learn more at ware2go.co.