Impressive Applications – World’s First Wireless Power and Data Technology | NewsWatch Review

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Today, we rely on two different infrastructures for power and data needs. Although getting access to data has evolved to being cable-free, access to power still relies on cables which are directly plugged into the device.

Wi Energie by Sandeep Chintala, serial inventor and founder of Impressive Applications, is currently working on the world’s first truly wireless power and data technology which is now entering Beta phase. The company is inviting strategic partners to join their global expansion plans, with a planned Kickstarter campaign in 2020.

Right now, they are developing a system that can power and transmit data simultaneously to devices up to 15 feet over the air and a cluster of IoT sensors up to 35 feet over the air.

Softbank believes there will be 1 trillion connected devices in use by 2025, generating $11 trillion worth of value.

While Wi Energie’s technology presents a leap in convenience by eliminating the need for cables, there is also a significant environmental impact arising from moving to a battery-less ecosystem., ridding the need for non-environmentally safe batteries and wires that need constant maintenance.

For more information on this disruptive tech, visit and look out for their Kickstarter campaign in 2020.