Cryptocurrencies and references to Bitcoin are now everywhere we look, they seem to hide around every corner of the internet and appear in the most unlikely times.

But it’s been quite a while since Bitcoin has been referenced in some of the most popular TV shows across the world, but still, most of them focused on American TV shows.

Due to the references in years such as 2013, 2014 and 2017, the Bitcoin community is now looking back at these scenes and thinking how foolish it was to take them seriously and not invest but to give them credit, absolutely nobody expected them to grow so much.

So what shows are referencing Bitcoin?

Shows that referenced Bitcoin

There are many more shows to talk about but, these four are the most important and most popular in the list. Furthermore, it needs to be implied that most of the shows were very sarcastic and treated Bitcoin as a joke, while others like Silicon Valley tried to showcase its value.

Guess which fans were celebrating in 2017.

New shows on the way

A new show from Amazon Prime, called StartUp has also been rumoured to showcase cryptocurrencies, not exactly Bitcoin though.

In the trailer we can clearly see one of the protagonists pitch something called Gencoin to a bunch of investors in a room, showcasing how popular the technology has become with popular media.

There are also instances when not Bitcoin itself, but Bitcoin trading apps like Bitcoin Revolution were referenced in popular TV shows such as Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, but the facts have not been confirmed yet.

The cryptocurrency itself is very advertisable and helps drive traction to a specific show just by mentioning it. For example, when first found out about Silicon Valley mentioning cryptocurrencies, hundreds of new fans started to watch the show in anticipation for another mention, which never happened, unfortunately.

Will the mentions continue?

Every time a new TV show or movie comes out in the future, if it remotely touches the topics of modern technology or finance, it is expected to have Bitcoin mentioned there at least a couple of times.

However, it’s not expected to have it affect the prices that much, as even more influential sources, have mentioned it and it did very little.

Overall, if you’re a TV show fan as well as a blockchain fan, keep your ears open for hundreds of more Bitcoin mentions in the future.