Mobile Pixels TRIO – Dual & Triple Laptop Monitor Display | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

If you’re used to multiple screens at home, it can be a bit tough to adjust to one screen when you’re on the go. The team over at Mobile Pixels solved this by launching the DUEX with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Now they’ve revamped this useful dual-screen solution with the new and improved TRIO and TRIO Pro by Mobile Pixels.

Lighter and even more compact than the earlier iteration, the TRIO is the best way to operate a dual-screen set-up with your laptop with a simple slide and lock display that makes it the ultimate in portability.

And for the first time ever Mobile Pixels allows you to enter a mode that supports a triple screen set up.

Simply purchase two TRIO monitors and clip them together and you’re good to go. Adjust your screen up to 270 degrees to settle on the perfect viewing angle.

TRIO is compatible with Mac, Linux, Chrome and Android devices via a USB connection, using one cable for both power and data.

And because the TRIO only uses 40% of the power that its predecessor uses, you don’t have to worry about draining your laptop.

For more info on this one-of-a-kind multiple screen solution, search for “TRIO” on Kickstarter today.