The FLEX Experience, Helping Hearing and Care Professionals and Their Clients | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

From digital records to apps, data is disrupting the health care experience – empowering people to make informed decisions about their health. Hearing care is no exception.

The traditional hearing care journey can be an emotional experience. People receive hearing assessment results and are expected to purchase a solution at the first appointment with a hearing care professional. Unitron believes there is a better way.

They’re revolutionizing the hearing care journey for hearing care professionals and their clients with the FLEX experience.

It’s a connected network of products, tools, and services that improve interactions between hearing care professionals and their clients – increasing trust and confidence in hearing solutions.

It starts with a real-world assessment. Clients leave the first appointment with a set of great sounding hearing instruments and try them out in their day-to-day lives.

During this time, the hearing instruments track time spent in different listening environments. And clients rate how well they are hearing from a smartphone app.

Hearing solutions care professionals and clients review the data collected and have meaningful discussions about that best fit their needs.

If clients still feel uncertain? No worries – they can upgrade to more features if their acoustic lifestyle changes – and only pay the difference.

It’s that easy. To find out more about this revolutionary system for hearing care, visit today.