Game Longer with The Flashe Gaming Glove | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Compression sleeves have long been used in sports and other physical activities. Studies show that these specialized sleeves help with blood circulation, regulating body temperature, reducing muscle stress, and encouraging faster recovery.

This results in peak performance for longer periods of time. The Flashe Gaming Group decided to bring this concept to the world of gaming and general computer use.

The Flashe Gaming Glove along with the Flashe Gaming Sleeve are the ultimate combo to give you that extra edge you’ll need when putting fingers to keyboard.

The Glove also reduces friction while using your mouse and its Teflon surface allows for easier and faster movement. Additionally, the embedded incline provides the ideal angle to work your mouse.

The Design Gaming Sleeve’s breathable design and ability to regulate moisture and temperature make it the perfect accessory to any long-term computer use.

Even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ll find the Gaming Sleeve and Glove are the ideal accessories to enhance your performance and comfort level, with slick colors like vibrant red, blue, and green.

Going even further, Flashe is working on a design for an office glove that is specifically for workplace use.

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