MosquitNo – Drop the Chemicals AND the Mosquitoes with MosquitNo | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’re deep into mosquito season and there’s no doubt they’re bent on ruining your outdoor activities.

Sure, you could reach for some insect repellant, but a lot of the brands on the market today contain toxic chemicals like DEET and stink.

MosquitNo offers a line of comfortable & environmentally safe, Award-winning,  products that work against nasty insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and more. One of their most popular products is the Insect Repellant Family Spray.

This easy-to-use spray offers up to 10 hours of protection for the whole family. Not only is it environmentally safe, but it’s also been dermatologically tested and is safe for children as young as 6 months, pregnant women and recommended by W-H-O.

The MosquitNo Flowerpot is a fun and colorful flower pot. Just place it on your table and let it get to work.

Each Flowerpot contains 4 refills to keep mosquitoes and other insects away for up to 24 weeks. Keeping things convenient, they also offer Insect Repellant Bracelets that use nano-technology to provide 20 days of protection.

These trendy bracelets are available in 6 colors and are one size fits all. Best of all they give off no smell or appearance of being an anti-insect bracelet.

Get rid of your mosquito problem for good, check out MosquitNo’s products at