UniVoIP – Bring Your Old Phone System Up-to-Date | NewsWatch Review

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Your Phone System has been a convenient way to provide phone service to employees throughout an enterprise, but unfortunately, a lot of legacy systems are dated and do not render the productivity needed to stay competitive.

If you’re looking to bring your old phone system up-to-date then check out UniVoIP.

UniVoIP offers more than a phone solution but unifies all of your communications to provide your customers with the best experience ever.

UniVoIP cloud phone system is a robust and flexible cloud-based solution that features private and public networking solutions throughout the company, no matter how big or small.

Administrators can set up unique routing to handle calls according to their needs or hours.

For example, the system can redirect calls while someone is at lunch or after the company’s operating hours.

There are more than 500 features supported by the cloud communication platform to fit your needs, such as custom speed dial and quick transfers.

UniVoIP is an industry leader in the industry offering a unique, scalable award-winning Cloud Communications Platform for outstanding service and robust systems, like TMC’s 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award by Internet Telephony Magazine. So if your company wants to double productivity, adopt a cloud-based phone system from a company with excellent 24/7 customer service.

Check out UniVoIP at UniVoIP.com/productivity today.