WebsiteVoice – Transform Your Website Text into High-Quality Audio | NewsWatch Review

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A person’s attention span is fleeting so you have to do whatever you can to grab their attention online. And one way you can do that is by making your online content easily accessible and accessible to everyone.

WebsiteVoice is an online service that transforms all of your website text into high-quality audio in less than 5 minutes. With this simple addition to your website, visitors are able to listen to your website’s unique content in the background as they do other things, increasing user engagement.

WebsiteVoice uses AI and advanced machine learning to constantly improve their voice algorithms making their text-to-speech as real as possible.

Your content is brought to life by a soothing and informative voice that not only allows visitors to check out more of your content, but your website will also cater to the visually impaired and those with reading disabilities.

WebsiteVoice supports multiple languages including Mandarin, Arabic and many more. To add WebsiteVoice to your site today, head over to