Bigfoot – Curated Guide for Clash Royale Decks and Pokemon Go | NewsWatch Review


Gaming is fun but only when you know how to play it. Let’s just say that having a game assistant definitely helps.

Bigfoot is a mobile game assistant specialized in-game-guide while you are playing the game. Here’s how it works. Bigfoot AI recognizes where you are in the game and provides contextual information and curated guides using picture-in-picture overlay to inform your gameplay.

That includes providing all the information you need to know about the Pokemon by simply press the overlay button. Access curated clan base for your level without exiting the game, choose the one you want and copy it with a simple click.

Or you want to practice your building skills, just overlay the base at any place on your screen for your reference while you are building.

This means you’ll build strong clans in a matter of seconds. Bigfoot AI image recognition technology also recognizes what cards you have and recommends Clash Royale Decks at your level. Customized crosshairs give COD first-person shooter rich experiences.

Bigfoot also includes highlight recordings so you can capture and share all of your best gameplay moments.

Bigfoot game assistant supports many games. Check it out now to see if it has your favorite game.

Get quality playing time today by downloading the Bigfoot app on your Android device.