SitFlow – Be and Feel More Productive While You Stay Seated | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Do you know the easiest way to extend your life span? Well, according to experts, the secret is physical activity.

The average person sits over half their lifetime. This includes at work, school, and at home. This overtime causes irreparable damage to the body.

Whatever your profession, you’re either expected to stand or sit the vast majority of the day. So if you need some stimulation while you sit, there’s a new invention called SitFlow.

SitFlow allows you to move unconsciously while sitting and those who use it, tend to feel more energetic, less pain in their back and more focused when they’re working.

Studies by the Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois show that it actually IMPROVES cognitive productivity, activates muscles and lubricates joints. SitFlow even produces more movement and calorie burn than standing at a desk.

Its design was meant to bring movement while sitting. Depending on your seating arrangement and type of desk, you can choose between SitFlow’s versatile desk-mount or portable floor stand models.

Could you be more productive at work or enjoy TV at home while sitting and actually getting physical activity? With SitFlow, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Go to for a limited time and enter code “newswatch” for a 10% discount and start extending your life, sitting without guilt!