ShockRods – Fast-Paced Action, Mayhem, and More | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Get ready for high-octane action that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment you press play.

We’re talking about Stainless Games’ new title ShockRods. ShockRods is everything you’d want in a fast-paced game. This vehicle-based arena shooter sees you controlling a tricked-out car complete with massive weapons and the ability to maneuver in any direction.

Jump, double jump, boost and battle through an intense arena experience, against competing vehicles armed with weapons and power-ups – all trying to take you out. Select classic game modes like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, or modes unique to ShockRods, such as Golden Ram and Shock Ball.

Each mode has a different objective, you’ll have to work as a team or by yourself to accomplish. In the no-holds-barred Ball Mode, you’ll work with your team to protect the ball carrier as they target the opposition goal.

Compete online against other players, or take it offline and get in practice against Bots. Earn coins by playing to pimp out your car with your unique flair and style.

Choose from a wild selection of car types, colors, wheels, decals, and off-the-wall patterns.

ShockRods is available on Steam or Apple Arcade right now.