Ultimate Hacking Keyboard – Best-in-Class Keyboard for Custom Configuration | NewsWatch Review

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There’s barely a job in the world that doesn’t require the use of a computer.

And you can’t operate a computer without a keyboard. While you could settle for a stiff, basic model that only does the bare minimum, why do that to yourself? Check out The

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. This best-in-class keyboard allows you the freedom of custom configuration with unmatched comfort. The palm rest is made from natural beech wood, offering a unique combination of warmth, class, and durability.

As a truly split keyboard, the two keyboard halves of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard result in a more natural typing posture – rather than forcing your wrists to adapt to a straight keyboard, you can adjust your keyboard so that your wrists are straight.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard increases your productivity: Thanks to its well-thought-out layout, you don’t even have to leave the home row, and you can control the mouse pointer with the keyboard itself.

With tons of built-in features, you can choose the layout that works for you and your professional needs. Once you’re satisfied with your keyboard’s configuration, save it with the simple click of a button.

Head to UHK.io to purchase yours today.