Santa Cam – Get into the Holiday Spirit with Regular Check-Ins from Santa | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Kids typically love getting into the spirit of Christmas and the mythos of Santa Claus. The idea of trying your best to be good to others is an idea we can all get behind.

Well, to help you and the kids get into the spirit this holiday season, check out the Santa Cam from Department 56.

Santa Cam is a simulated camera that lets you know Santa is checking in to make sure everyone’s being extra good.

When the camera is “on” and the red light is blinking, that means Santa is watching. Now, it’s a simulated camera, so it doesn’t actually record anything, but kids get excited knowing they have a personal connection with jolly Saint Nick.

The cam stays on for up to 16 hours a day and turns off for the remaining 8 hours. You can adjust the timing too so it looks like the camera is on when the littles ones are around.

The Santa Cam comes with a storybook – “The Santa Cam Saves Christmas” – that tells the story of the importance of the camera in making sure everyone has a Merry Christmas.

You can purchase the Santa Cam just in time for the holiday season by going to today.