Profauna 100 and Profauna 50 – Probiotics for Your Pets’ Overall Health | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re a pet parent, you want the very best for your furry friend. While it’s important to make routine vet appointments and give your pet ample love and exercise, you can also improve your pet’s overall health and wellness by giving them regular probiotics with Profauna 100 or Profauna 50 from The Microbial.

The Microbial is a new startup company that’s privately owned and developing probiotics and products derived from microbes. And they’re focusing on pet health with things like gastro support, immune support, and supplements that are healthy for pets.

They’ve developed a range of probiotics specifically targeted towards the dog that’s Profauna 100 and the cat that’s Profauna 50. The number refers to the billions of bacteria per serving so it’s a very high count probiotic specifically targeted for chronic or extreme acute use in dogs and cats.

The reason for the probiotics is to support nutrition. Profauna also helps with the absorption of nutrients as well as better poop to pick up.

There are no pills or tablets to force down your pet or to put into pill pockets that cost you more money. All it is is a loose powder that comes with a 1 gram scoop that you let out with just a single tap. It’s one gram that is 100 billion or 50 billion bacteria, and you just sprinkle it on your pet’s wet or dry food.

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