Clēr™ – Helping to Make Safety Systems/Sensors Safer | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Nowadays, we all have cameras and sensors on our cars that help us drive better and safer, but these sensors are only useful when they work.

Often things like salt, pollen, and even bugs obstruct their performance. Well, Clēr™ by dlhBOWLES is a technology that helps keep your cameras and sensors clean and working.

We are beginning to rely more and more on sensors, lane changes, and rear cameras for reversing. Cler makes those safety systems safer by giving a clear vision for that sensor so that it protects you.

Every car should come equipped with Cler because you are relying more and more on advanced safety systems in your everyday life.

There’s a lot going on with infotainment, navigation, with movies being played, there’re all kinds of things in the vehicle that can be a distraction and more and more people are relying on safety systems, and if those safety systems are obstructed by any inclement weather, it renders the system inoperable.

Cler is a very cost-effective, very proven system for cleaning that, and making that safety system safer for you, the driver.

Ask your dealer for camera and sensor cleaning on your next vehicle purchase.