Stellus Data Platform – Store and Scale Unstructured Data | NewsWatch Review

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Did you know it’s been 16 long years since the very last File System was brought to the unstructured storage market?

Capitalizing on what NetApp and Isilon haven’t been doing over that time, a company named Stellus Technologies created the Stellus Data Platform to solve the performance problem of how to store and scale unstructured data.

Built from the ground up, the Stellus Data Platform file system was designed for unstructured data. It dramatically speeds up your organization with the world’s fastest memory native flash storage file system.

Stellus provides the following

  • Enterprise-Class Platform – a highly performant file storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Due to key-value store technology, Stellus is best suited for a growing amount of unstructured data.
  • Hyperscale Throughput – Eliminating block entirely to make consistent high performance a reality
  • Scale-Through Performance – designed for fast-paced scale-through environments, where data can scale up and out efficiently

The Stellus Memory Native File System provides:

  • Key-value NVME Fabric
  • Native, Flash Key-Value Stores
  • Algorithmic Data Locality
  • Complete File System as Software

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