LIL Flyer – The Ride-On Suitcase for Young Ones | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Traveling with kids is a true test of any parent’s patience.  So, parents, take a deep breath, because here’s something to make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

LIL Flyer Ride-On Suitcase by Younglingz is transforming the entire travel experience by making it fun for kids ages 3 and up.

With its innovative and fun design, kids can hop onto the carry-on suitcase and zoom around like it’s a motorcycle.

LIL Flyer

This unique and innovative approach to luggage not only keeps them engaged but also keeps your little one nearby and in a safe place at all times. In addition, LIL Flyer was designed from the bottom up with the safety of your kid in mind.

The padded seat cushion makes it easier for them to stay put for long periods of time while you trudge across large airports. The adjustable seatbelt keeps your little traveler in a snug riding position.

The LED swivel wheels provide smooth and easy maneuvering and add yet another splash of fun for the little one.

With built-in safety, comfortability, functionality, and fun, the LIL Flyer is here to solve your travel woes. To purchase yours today, head on over to