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Have you ever noticed how a classy watch can elevate an outfit dramatically? And I’m not just talking about a tad notch up – the best watches for men or women can tie a whole outfit together and give it that touch that lifts it into a higher class.

When shopping for watches for men or watches for women, it’s important to do your research and find the ones that don’t sacrifice quality for a flashy design. This is the method used by knock-off brands that’ll have you looking like a poser to even the most amateur eye.

This doesn’t mean you need to hawk your most expensive assets or break into your 401k to pay for a nice watch. The best watches for men aren’t only beautifully crafted, they are also affordable. That’s what makes them the best all-around timepiece.

Lilienthal Berlin is the kind of class you’re looking for at the right price point. Offering a minimalist, yet profound design, Lilienthal Berlin has situated themselves at the top of the watch market, thanks to the craftsmanship they employ, whether they are making watches for men or watches for women.

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As soon as you lay your eye on one of these masterpieces you can see the attention to detail and the focus each artisan maintains in crafting these wrist timepieces. The watches are made in Berlin yet feature a Swiss movement. Even the watch novice knows when “Swiss” and “watch” are in the same sentence, you know you’re getting something good.

The design of both the watch face and the straps that accompany it are reflective of the uniqueness of Berlin. Like any watch worth its salt, you can switch out the bands to fit whatever look you’re going for or whatever occasion or outfit calls for it. The straps are not simply impressive in looks alone, they also adhere to an eco-friendly model, each one being plant tanned and chemical free.

Lilienthal Berlin sticks with the eco-friendly theme in their packaging, making sure each watch is packaged and shipped with a green alternative solution. It’s this virtuous approach to both construction of their watches and packaging that saw Lilienthal receive the Green Product Award in 2017.

Perusing their website,, you’ll see a number of stunning watches for men as well as watches for women. Check out the L1 All Blue or the All Black Zeitgeist Automatik for a couple of choice examples of the kind of craftsmanship that goes into some of the best watches for men and women on the market.