5G Internet Solutions Done Right – Region Authority

Tech Report

The large-scale rollout of 5G internet, the rapid growth of edge computing and IoT, as well as the launch of over-the-top streaming (OTT) services like Netflix, offer a variety of opportunities to consumers and industries.

As the use of this innovative tech continues to spread, robust communication infrastructures become more and more inevitable. Service providers are on a mad dash to stay ahead of the trend and provide new, cost-efficient offerings to their customers. Establishing and maintaining 5G internet coverage isn’t as simple as a provider throwing up some new towers and calling it a day. If this was the case, true AT&T 5G would’ve been available years ago.

A mobile carrier looking to set up this type of network, like AT&T 5G, needs a third-party company that can help provide end-to-end solutions aimed at maximizing 5G network uptime. A smart mobile carrier or other company looking to get in on the 5G internet game would turn to Region Authority.

Leveraging over 20 years of telecommunications experience, Region Authority partners with clients to deliver world-class communications solutions with extensive coverage that meets the quality standards expected. They cover it all, including designing, building, modernizing, optimizing and maintaining telecommunication networks. With a coverage area that includes New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they cover a wide swath of the northeastern 5G internet market.

But they don’t stop with mere design, installation and maintenance. They also provide training and management services tailored to the exact needs of a specific industry. Their deep understanding of the massive tech involved in the telecommunications industry allows Region Authority to provide expert consulting, project planning and management services, no matter the size of the job.

“We provide contractor management; we provide parts and inventory – warehouse management; we also provide GPS tracking from the home to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the job site,” Shuayb Greenaway, Founder and CEO of Region Authority said. “We are able to optimize through the bill of materials we see at the warehouse. Once the assets or materials are removed from the warehouse, they are automatically updated into our system. [Clients] can see the report in real-time.”

Nowhere is this more needed than in supporting the rollout of 5G. Numerous service providers are looking to take advantage of everything 5G has to offer and Region Authority can provide those solutions to get them up and running.

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