Send a Text with an Amazing New Platform – Jist


SMS messages and other methods we use to send a text have largely remained unchanged for the past 15 years. Sure, we use emojis instead of simple emoticons, but other than a couple tweaks here and there, the Facebook Messenger app, iMessage and other text messaging apps are simple and, dare I say, boring.

While there are plenty of new messaging apps hitting the market every other week, either by small developers or large tech companies, there’s very little in terms of innovation. If I were to fire up one of those apps today and tell you to send a text, you’d probably know exactly what that would like, even if you had never used that messenger app before.

The problem is, developers have been looking at it the wrong way. According to one new app, what we needed was an entire new language of dynamic symbols to completely revolutionize the experience. Jist has pulled ahead of the Facebook Messenger app and others that have recently sought to change the “SMS messages game,” but have added very little to it when all was said and done.

Jist seeks to transform the way we all communicate when we send a text by being more than just a messaging app but rather a functional messaging utility. The creators behind Jist have developed a new graphical format using universally recognized symbols with added 3D images, sound, emotion and dynamic color. I know, you thought you’d have to learn a whole new language, right? That’s the beauty of this new system, you’ll get it immediately because it’s based on imagery that we’re all familiar with.

The creators found that symbols are processed 60,000 times faster than words and phrases. Taking this into account, if you sent a message that communicates the gist of what you’re trying to say through quick imagery and sounds, you cut out the lag time in simple communication.

Not only is it more efficient, but Jist makes messaging so much more dynamic and energetic than plain old SMS messages.

The Jist platform also includes the ability for users to save money by linking them up to brand partners that offer discounts based on messaging. For example, if the user is messaging about plans to take a trip out of the country, Jist will allow you to peruse discounts on flights right then and there. This is done with zero push advertising so as to not taint the Jist experience.

Ditch the Facebook Messenger app and plain SMS messages, and start using Jist by visiting