Be Smart, Lock Up Your Photos, Passwords and More with MyPrivacy


If these uncertain times – where most of the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic – tell us anything, it’s that hackers, scammers and all-around internet scum, don’t possess a shred of humanity. Reports of people and organizations being hacked and attempts to scam people during these trying times, signal that we need to shore up our online and digital footprint now more than ever.

I know, this is easier said than done. Many of us have been prancing around the internet, care-free for close to 20 years without a password keeper or photo vault. Even your digital content that hasn’t ever touched the cloud or your social network is still at risk. There’s simply a lot to keep track of and we need to be smart and lock it all down now.

MyPrivacy is an all-in-one privacy app that can shield you from the unscrupulous prying eyes of the internet. I’m not simply talking about the hackers and the internet criminals, I’m also talking about relentless advertisers, corporations and, yes, even governments – both domestic and foreign. You have a right to your privacy and your digital possessions.

The MyPrivacy app offers a comprehensive solution to the smartphone user who doesn’t want to be tracked or hacked. It acts as a smart lock of sorts that keeps everything hidden behind lock and key. As a VPN, it hides your location and protects your Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stay private and anonymous while you’re online. This smart lock app even allows you to fake your location if needed.

One of the things most people are concerned about is their private photos and videos. We need a digital vault that keeps them locked away. MyPrivacy offers secure encryption inside a smart lock vault that nobody but you can access. You can even lock away your valuable documents like photos of your credit cards, passport, etc.

While those are all important features, it’s your saved passwords that must be locked away and kept super secure. These are the keys to your proverbial smart lock and so need to be stored in a password keeper that is impervious to a break-in.

With the MyPrivacy password keeper you can create, store and, of course, manage your saved passwords without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands. Your saved passwords are for your eyes and your eyes only with this Fort-Knox-grade password keeper.

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