Monitor Progress Toward Zero Waste with Zabble

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Regularly monitored trash removal in large organizations isn’t just an option for those who have “time to get around to it.” No, this is a vital part of stemming a national and global trash epidemic.

Every year Americans generate more than 260 million tons of solid waste and that leads to millions polluting the environment. Those numbers, though staggering, don’t even take into account global waste numbers.

The remaining 35% is recycled or composted. When looking at the amount of trash removal that’s recorded in the country, there’s no reason to believe those numbers are going to go down. Studies show that the average person today generates 70% more trash than they did in 1960. Now we start to see the problem. Just because we all have a recycle bin doesn’t mean the issue is just going to right itself.

With more trash being created, waste is finding its way everywhere. Plastic pollution alone finds its way into our oceans, harming our sea creatures. That’s not even shocking when you discover that only 9% of all the plastic ever produced has been recycled. I guess that’s where that recycle bin comes in handy, huh? According to the EPA, commercial buildings – like schools, office buildings, etc. – contribute to 50% of the waste that winds up in landfills every year. Let’s do the math: with 5 and ½ million commercial buildings in the U.S., that’s nothing short of a waste epidemic.

Thankfully, organizations, cities and states are starting to take action with ambitious zero-waste goals that they’re aiming to reach over the next few years or, in some cases, decades. The problem is, there hasn’t been any efficient system for collecting waste data, beyond general junk pick-up schedules, and gaining true insight into how they’re progressing toward a zero-waste goal. So, how are they going to achieve the goal if they can’t see their progress toward it?

Zabble Zero is an end-to-end platform for institutions and large organizations who have committed to zero-waste goals. With Zabble Zero, sustainability and building managers can gain accurate data collection transparency into the waste stream and precise contextual analytics to inform those concerned – including facility staff, janitorial staff and occupants.

In order to actually achieve a lofty zero-waste goal, we have to know what we’re dealing with and gain real-time insight into the progress we’re making so we can course correct as needed. Corporate citizens and students can take a stand too.

Start asking questions of your institutions, office buildings, hotels and restaurants. Take time to dispose of waste properly and bring attention to confusing waste signage. We can tackle this problem together.

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