Lavender Products by Indigo Lavender Farms

Consumer Update

Lavender plants are arguably one of the most beautiful plants produced by nature. With their familiar, calming scent and vibrant colors, the plant which belongs to the mint family is used in various ways to elevate virtually any space.

Though it might seem like you can’t go wrong with lavender, there is a right way to grow the popular plant and a wrong way. If you’re looking to buy lavender products like essential oils, lip balms and soaps, you’re going to want to go with a lavender farm that knows what it’s doing.

Indigo Lavender Farms, located in Imlay City, Michigan, is one of the top, quality lavender farms in the world with over 14,000 plants and 9 different varieties on their more than 23 acres of land. Focusing on this one special plant, Indigo Lavender Farms doesn’t have to cut corners or use unnatural means to produce their beautiful array of plants.

They produce a wide selection of lavender-based products, all made with natural ingredients. Perusing their website, you’ll find categories that include Culinary, Lavender Oil, Dried Stem and Buds, Bath & Body and Honey.

The Culinary section is where you’ll buy teas and herbs that utilize the relaxing ingredient taken directly from the on-site plants. In Bath & Body you’ll find a number of lavender products including a Whipped Lavender Salt Scrub and Lavender Body Dusting Powder.

Lavender Oil is one of their most popular categories and where you’ll find the best lavender essential oil on the market. Using the plants grown naturally on their farm, Indigo produces a lavender essential oil that can be used in a diffuser or added directly to a bath for a soothing experience.

Lavender fields attract other wonders of nature like butterflies and honeybees. The beautiful butterflies that grace their property have placed the farm on the Monarch Watch List. Indigo Lavender Farms takes advantage of the honeybees that call the farm home by collecting and selling raw honey, as well as using the sweet honey in many of their products.

The beauty of the farm is itself something to behold. People travel from all around to tour the farm and see what a day in the life of a lavender farm looks like.

You can find out more about Indigo Lavender Farms and peruse their lavender products, like essential oils, by visiting And the next time you’re in Michigan or anywhere near Detroit, drop by for an in-person tour.