Cyber Security Training with Lab Cyber

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With the sheer amount of information exchange and business conducted online, cyber security training is more important than ever. As long as computers and the internet have been in existence there have been unscrupulous individuals (read: hackers) whose sole purpose is to access sensitive information and exploit it.

Practicing proper computer security by shoring up your digital information with Fort Knox-level defense is your best bet against these black hats who want to pry into your personal or business affairs. But where do you start with cyber security training that teaches you all you need to know about computer security and internet security in order to keep you and your digital information safe? Well, you can start with Lab Cyber.

Lab Cyber was created by cyber security training expert Alexander Oni in an effort to teach anyone the ins and outs of computer security and internet security even if they have zero background in IT. In other words, if you’re a high school teacher, a lawyer, a chef or a stay-at-home mom, Lab Cyber can get you trained up.

Alexander has crafted over 500 lessons that teach you everything you’ll need to know, from the difference between “firewall” and “malware” to advanced techniques anyone will need to know to forge a career as a cyber security expert. It really does cover the full breadth of cyber security training. The wide array of courses available through Lab Cyber allows the beginner to take intro courses that lay it out simply and gradually before moving to more advanced courses.

Because they offer hundreds of courses tackling every nook and cranny you’ll need to know in order to master the establishment of tight internet security, even those with advanced knowledge of the field can benefit. There are advanced courses that allow these experts to further their knowledge or brush up on important techniques.

Going a step further, Lab Cyber also offers company-wide cyber security training. This allows for every employee to get trained on the tools they need to practice good computer security, making sure everyone in the company is on the same page.

Cyber security training is your first and last line of defense against black hat hackers who want to gain access to your digital information. Lab Cyber offers the training you’ll need to establish robust computer security on your entire operation.

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