Helping Black-Owned Businesses Thrive Across the Nation – Black Business Boom

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Now, more than ever, we are aware of how important it is to support black-owned businesses. But black business owners and entrepreneurs need more than just our patronage, they also need a network and support system to grow and thrive.

Black Business Boom does exactly that, with its platform to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Black Business Boom was created by CEO, Danielle McGee, and born from a passion that developed after the pain she experienced as a black business owner.

Her mission was to help create a platform that was especially for black business owners to market their business – get the word out about it and get the support that they needed from the community.

Black Business Boom has worked with a variety of different businesses around the U.S. They work with retail businesses that have brick and mortars, online businesses as well as mobile businesses to help them get eyes on their business. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs increase the number of customers in their portfolio.

In terms of feedback, Black Business Boom has received rave reviews about the platform and are being told by black business owners across the U.S. that their revenue has increased. In addition, Black Business Boom has helped these businesses gain new customers that would’ve otherwise not known about their business.

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