Receive Quality Survival and Tactical Gear Straight to Your Door with ClubTac

Consumer Update

Survival and tactical gear are invaluable when out in the wilderness braving the elements like so many who’ve come before us.

Whether you’re looking to put together a bug out bag or get your survival gear up to snuff, you’ve got to check out ClubTac.

This subscription service will deliver a new box every month chock full of the coolest and most practical survival and tactical gear around.

ClubTacEvery item is handpicked and tested by ClubTac’s crackerjack team, including former marine snipers, survivalist experts, and technology specialists.

If anyone knows what you need to get the job done, it’s this team. You can choose from several subscription boxes, depending on your exact needs and wants.

You can opt for a Standard Crate, a Pro Crate, Premium, or really go all out and choose the Legendary Crate. This last crate includes items so rare you won’t find them anywhere but ClubTac.

The more boxes you receive, the more you can rank up with ClubTac to receive free gear.

From tactical technology to awesome military-themed items, ClubTac will get you geared up and ready to roll out.

To sign up for your box today, head on over to