Reduce Stress and Anxiety with This #1 Restorative Music App, Paz


Mental stress contributes not only to diminished happiness but can also be traced to much of what ails us as a human species. That’s why it’s important to engage in activities that relieve stress and enhance our mental health.

Paz is the #1 restorative music app that helps you reduce stress and anxiety in a matter of minutes.

After downloading the app, you’ll be able to instantly access Paz’s entire catalog of relaxing music that’s been scientifically proven to assist in achieving a meditative state.

Paz appNielsen Consumer Neuroscience conducted a study that measured the potential for their music to reduce stress.

Music was listened to for 10 minutes while brain activity was being measured.

The results showed that after listening for only 10 minutes there was a significant reduction in stress, while the music also had a restorative effect on the brain.

The soothing music you’ll hear through the Paz app is composed by a large variety of composers from all over the world.

The music library has been very carefully selected to include different music and sounds that help reduce symptoms of daily stress and put you in a calm mental state.

Reduce your stress today by downloading Paz on your App Store.