Sanitize Your Phone, Laptop, Earphones, and More On-the-Go with CleanSlate

Tech Report

Infection control is important just about anywhere, but nowhere is that more important than in healthcare facilities, especially high traffic areas like nursing stations, staff rooms, and entranceways.

Phones and other mobile devices are contaminated with all types of bacteria and other nasty microbes. And with everyone walking around with a smartphone, they make their way into hospitals in droves.

CleanSlate UV is an innovative solution that uses UV-C light to rapidly sanitize phones, tablets, and other devices, killing at least 99.99% of pathogens in just 20 seconds, including the Coronavirus.

This is all done with no damage to your electronic screen and no need for constant wiping.

This is perfect for an area with lots of devices in need of sanitizing.

The large and flexible tray sanitizes multiple devices, 9 to 12 per minute.

The CleanSlate UV system even tracks which devices have been cleaned to ensure compliance with sanitization protocols.

Wiping down surfaces and washing your hands offer protection against pathogens but any sanitization regimen must include sanitizing electronic devices to be truly effective.

CleanSlate UV is the most effective and convenient way to do just that. Pre-order today at