Create Your Very Own Beauty Lab with Mixify

Consumer Update

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a gift that kids love, and that’s especially true when they get to make their own nail polish.

With Mixify Beauty’s Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit you can create your very own nail polish that showcases your unique style.

Every kit features the colors and tools you need to mix, blend, and create the perfect nail polish.

mixify nail polish kitThere are 8 different pigments in all that can be mixed and swirled to your heart’s content.

The pigment collection includes 5 basic colors – red, blue, yellow, white, and black as well as 3 passion colors – purple, orange, and teal.

The kit also includes uncolored nail polish bottles with salon-quality, vegan base, and all the accessories you need, including a mixing tray, funnel, spoons, stirrers, and a mixing ball.

This is everything you’ll need to add your very own unique colors to make your nails pop.

Unleash your inner artist and gift this DIY kit this holiday season or use it for yourself at your next birthday or sleepover.

Add a splash of unique color to your life with the Mixify Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit by going to