Simple, Natural Superfood Ingredients in Good Source Foods

Consumer Update

Sometimes snacking is just what the doctor ordered for an afternoon hunger pang or a poor mood.

Unfortunately, that also tends to lead to overeating and a few extra pounds we’ve been trying to avoid. It’s time for smart and healthy snacking.

Good Source Foods is all about changing the perception of food and supporting healthier snacking options.

But instead of just crafting foods that are healthy, they want to corner the market on foods that satisfy your appetite without overeating.

Each snack is made from simple, natural superfood ingredients with just the right balance of proteins, carbs, natural sugars, fibers, and — of course vitamins and minerals.

The dayparting theme informs consumers about the right time of day to eat the snacks.

Morning Jump chocolate protein clusters are filled with superfoods like blueberries, pomegranate, almonds, ginger root, and green tea, and are meant to give you that boost of energy and focus to get through your day.

Other smart snacking options include Afternoon Boost, Afternoon Break, and Evening Chill. With science-led nutrition, you’ll get all the right ingredients at the right time.

Skip the sugar rush or diet fads – instead reach for fresh food first and Good Source Snacks second.

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