Cachengo Offers Smarter Data Storage Solutions

Biz Report

The current state of storage systems is far from ideal. The practice, as it stands today, is to throw the latest and greatest CPU into each storage appliance and increase the number of storage appliances in the cluster.

This was created over 20 years ago as a solution to an expensive and large system comprised of multiple rack-mountable parts.

Cachengo looks to replace single, large CPUs with several smaller ones, embedded onto each drive so they can perform localized computing right where the data actually resides.


When you look at storage-at-large today, the problem they’re trying to solve is the analytics being on one side while the data is on the other – and in order to do something with that information, it must be moved. The downside to doing this, however, makes the storage systems overwhelmed very quickly.

Cachengo is an intelligent data storage unit company looking to solve this problem.

Unlike other solutions, Cachengo’s data storage solutions are intended to gather data and process it right where it’s gathered. Due to this, there’s never a need to move that data somewhere else. Simply put, they are not dependent on other resources to process that information.

Customers and other industry professionals who have seen what Cachengo is providing have had a new revelation in terms of what is actually possible in terms of the computing area.

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