Cover All Terrain with This Electric Bike by QuietKat

Tech Report

Electric is the future for both cars and bikes. And while you’ve probably heard of e-Bikes, you’ve never seen anything like the all-new Jeep e-Bike.

QuietKat and Jeep have partnered to bring you this full suspension electric mountain bike, designed to cover all terrains, allowing you to explore the vast corners of the world unreachable by foot or vehicle.


They cut zero corners in the build. This isn’t simply a battery slapped on a bicycle. No, this beast of a machine features a Fire-Link suspension system, providing the ultimate in traction and capability.

Add in 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes for control on near-vertical descents and even the roughest of terrains, and you’ve got a workhorse ready to conquer the earth.

The Jeep e-Bike can even traverse soft sand and snow with ease, making it truly all-terrain.

Now your base model is packed with the Ultra-Drive 750-Watt motor, but you can upgrade to a 1000 Watt Unrestricted Motor which packs a mean 1500 Watts of Peak Performance and 160-newton meters of torque.

A two-wheeled bike has never harnessed such power.

Are you ready to conquer the world with nothing short of the most powerful e-Bike on the market?

You can purchase the all-new Jeep e-Bike by heading over to